We manufacture pocket springs for cushions, seat and back units. These are all used in the caravan, boat and motor seating industries.



This still remains the most effective upholstery spring system giving excellent comfort and support with the benefit of proven durability.

Units are literally made to individual customer requirements using tempered coil springs which can be varied in gauge and height to provide a variety of different ‘feels’.

Frames and mesh are cut to size, usually rectangular, but often shaped depending on style required. Further changes to softness of ‘feel’ can be effected by incorporating tension springs in the base support laths. This is frequently preferred by users of feather or soft fibre filled cushions.

Mesh top springs provide an excellent platform to upholster, and, because they are simple to fit, allow reduced labour content. 
Arm and back units are also made in this format and there is the added advantage of non-flammability to consider. 
Interestingly, it is for these properties coupled with anti-vandalism aspects, that mesh top springs continue to be extensively used in railway rolling stock seats.

Gold Spring