Specialising in pocketed springs, which are universally acknowledged for their superior qualities, a complete range of comfort levels can be supplied to meet customer tastes, including zoned units. Also available are heat treated pocket springs which maintain height throughout their working lifetime, and 2" high mini units, ideal for toppers and other applications.

Centre Tied

 Centre Tied Pocket Spring Bed Unit with High Carbon Flat Wire Frame


 Firmer units can be supplied for divan bases .


Wire diameters

8 different strengths

Spring sizes

Varied, from 450 to over 2500 per mattress

Spring heights

From 2” to 8”

Assembly format

Traditional twine tied, clipped or glued construction


Flat or round types high carbon or mild steel frames, 
corner stays, box stays, side supports and border wires.


Roll packed or loose packed

Pocket Spring

Pocket Spring Top and Bottom Glued Bed Unit



Gold Spring